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Global Gamers

Global Gamers is a social-emotional learning program where children play games from around the world and learn about the culture, language and geography of each country. Global Gamers curriculum celebrates and embraces diversity and promotes individual and community wellbeing.

Why Global Gamers

Global Gamers creates a safe space where diversity is celebrated and embraced.

In addition to playing new games and having fun, children: 

  • Develop cultural awareness

  • Celebrate differences and similarities

  • Build respect and empathy for other people

  • Develop a sense of being part of a global community


​Through play, children have the opportunity to:

  • Learn something new and at their own pace

  • Make mistakes and not give up

  • Embrace challenges

  • Practice the power of “yet”

  • Work collaboratively and learn from each other




"My dad is from Mexico!!!"
After playing the game Trompo
"I'm going to ask my parents to buy me this game!"


"A big thank you for including our students in this event. It was a big success."


“This is my favorite thing to volunteer for!”
"I need to get a globe in my house."

Our Story

We are two moms from Manhattan Beach who are excited to bring cultural diversity and global awareness to young students, all while keeping it fun and age appropriate.  Our diverse experience in social work, business, school leadership, education, curriculum development, humanitarian non-profits, publishing, psychology, sociology and economics blend together to create this unique program. ​

-Neidy Portillo-Tseng & Lena Maranian Adishian

Cofounders and Game Masters

Bring Global Gamers to

Your Community

With 25+ games (and growing!), Global Gamers curriculum can be customized for recess activities, after school programs, summer school, festivals, cultural events and more.  


To set up a consultation, contact us at:

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